Many people come to the Hypnotherapist thinking that there is something about trance which is markedly different from their “normal” state of consciousness. This is definitely not the case. Since trance is a normal, natural state, you will likely feel a sense of familiarity, no matter how deep in trance you go. Every time you use your imagination, every time you daydream, every time you do something without thinking, you are in a trance state. It is a natural state.

The difference with the Hypnosis sessions I offer, is that using the Simpson Protocol, we are utilizing the intelligence and wisdom that resides with your SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND.

The SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND is the part of your mind that will mediate between your conscious and unconscious when we do the work. Superconscious is a term used to describe the Mind, Higher Mind, or Collective Unconscious. Not only does it seem to be connected to what is needed to attain the outcome, it understands what is optimally needed.

It does not presuppose any belief system, galactic understanding, and knowledge of quantum for the process to work. The key factor is that it works and produces simple, powerful, desired outcomes with very little stress or effort from you, the client.

In our sessions, you will use the power of your own mind to do exactly that.

No matter what level you are hanging on to the issue – be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – your mind will resolve it. No matter what motive or reason your mind may have had for that unwanted behavior – your mind will resolve it for you. All you have to do is allow your mind to do it.

Working with the SUPERCONSCIOUS MIND is an efficient way in resolving issues completely on all levels – mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually – no matter where they are stored.

And it is achieved while you are in a comfortable hypnotic trance allowing you to use your own mental assets to do the evaluation and the change work within. This is a pure method of bringing about accurate change.

The first session is usually 90-120 minutes and subsequent sessions between 60 – 75 minutes. I highly recommend three sessions initially.