• Is your emotional baggage holding you back?
  • Do past events still cause you emotional upset here and now in the present?

Most people know that negative emotions are not good for you. In fact, over 40,000 case studies prove that negative emotions cause dis-ease in the body.

So what is Time Line Therapy™?

Time Line Therapy™ is the memory coding of the brain that helps us know whether an event happened in the past, is happening now or will happen in the future. Over time, our memories have more and more impact over us and particularly when there are negative emotions attached to specific events in the past.

Time Line Therapy™ Techniques are an excellent form of brief and quick therapy offering long-lasting benefits and effective means for changing the chain of events leading to a certain set of unwanted behaviors or states. Past negative emotions and limiting decisions are eliminated allowing you to have only positive emotions and empowering decisions in your history.